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Post Break-In Stress

Post Break-In Stress

We try to blog about as many aspects of child safety as we can. From time to time some of our great readers offer information on topics we haven’t covered. If you’ve watched our radKIDS news lately – you know that we encourage children to always have a plan to go from danger to safety. Here is one such plan from “home safety savant and proud mother”, Naomi Broderick:

It happened. The thing that you thought would never ever happen to you, and your family, has happened.     –   Burglary.

It’s a scary word, and for most of us, we believe that this only happens to other people. Not us. But when it does happen to you, you feel how vulnerable you really are. And sometimes, it can be a little tough to deal with.

After a burglary, you are left with many questions. Why me? What did they want? Were they watching us for a while? Will they come back? What if I was home? These questions can overwhelm you; so it’s only expected that those who have encountered this fear, become extremely emotional, especially when valuable and memorable items are taken. First, take a step back. Breathe. You are safe, your family is safe. This is important to remember. Now, you just need a game plan of what to do next.

Call the police. A handful of people never report the crime to the police. They believe that it is a waste of time, and that the police will never find the intruder, or their valuables. I can tell you this—if you don’t call the police, then you will 100% never see the intruder get caught, and you will never see your items again. By calling the police, you can be one step closer to that peace of mind you once had. And you can prevent this from happening to someone else.

Rearrange your space. By cleaning and redecorating, it helps you feel like you’re in a newly finished house, ready for anything. Give new life to your house and new optimism to yourself, and know that the worst has passed, and you’ll get through this time. Paint the walls a different color, move the couches from one side of the room to another, bring flowers or plants in. By doing this, you’ll get rid of the feeling that someone unwanted was in your house—in your “old” house.

Update security. If you didn’t have a security alarm system, think about installing one now. This will give you even more reassurance when you’re at home, and when you’re away. You can include new updates: motion detection, lights, cameras, you name it! There are great advantages to having a security system in your home, and will give you the peace of mind you need.

Sign up for a class. After your house has been broken into, you can feel a sense of vulnerability. How could this have happened to you? By signing up for a defense class (kickboxing, karate, etc.), you can gain the confidence you once had, and can remind yourself that you are strong, and you are able to move through this difficult time. (Editor’s note – think about enrolling your kids in a radKIDS program)

Even though the unthinkable has happened, you have to remind yourself that there is no reason to live in fear. By taking care of yourself, changing the scenery of your house, and most importantly, updating security and telling the police, you are restoring your faith, and feeling protected once again.

Editor’s Note – Thanks Naomi, I hear we can usually find you juggling your three kids or enjoying a good book. We join you in encouraging our visitors to think about your suggestions. As Child Safety advocates we also remind parents – If you’re feeling vulnerable – so are your children. Here’s some quick thoughts:

1. Don’t avoid the conversation – this will worry your children that you’re not telling them something

2. Assure your children – make sure they know you will not let anything happen to them and they were not the target – burglars were just looking for “things” not people

3. Let them be part of the plan – include them as you talk about safety features of your home, why it is important to lock doors, leave on lights, keep the garage door closed, retrieve the mail from the box, not post about vacations on social media, etc. Empower them to be part of the checklist for keeping your home safe from intruders by never letting it look empty.

While INOBTR is very careful not to endorse one product over another, businesses who care about the safety of their customers rank high on our list of folks to check out! Be safe!