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Safe Kids Keep Kids Safe

Safe Kids Keep Kids Safe

This morning in my “LinkedIn Top Content Tailored for You” email I found an interesting article that actually had nothing to do with keeping kids safe but made me think. Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of the Human Workplace is a former HR corporate specialist.  She has unique insights into how we adults work together in our daily lives. The article was entitled: Unleashing Your Inner Thought Leader, where she reminds us, in part:

 Everyone has a story. Everyone has wisdom to share. Our workmates have incredible stories. We need to connect at work on a different level, with our colleagues, our customers, our vendors and our partners, and what better way to get there than to help people find their voices?

You have a point of view that no one else has, informed by events and dramas no one else will ever experience. You are a thought leader right now. You could share some of what you know with a larger audience. You don’t need anyone’s permission to tell your story and sing your song. (Unless your company has a social media policy.  I hate those policies but I like you very much, and don’t want to see anything horrible happen when your blog or your podcast series hits the big time.)

You could start with a journal. Start writing your thoughts on paper, or sharing them with a friend who will pay attention. Talk about what you care about. If you don’t like to write, grow your thought leadership flame by curating other people’s content on 

I hereby challenge you to unleash your inner thought leader, the person inside you who has a lifetime’s worth of good ideas, observations and collected wisdom to share. We want to hear what your inner thought leader wants to tell us! The more you share your stories (your big life story and the million little stories inside it) the more your flame will grow. The more you teach what you know, the stronger your thought leadership voice will become.

So what does this have to do with keeping kids safe? First of all, you are the best example of how to share your life’s story for your kids. Kids instinctively want and do share – no one has told them yet to keep their ideas to themselves. The problem is that they overshare! And they overshare on the Internet where they forget that the “www” stands for World Wide Web. How do we help them know what is okay to share and
what is too much? How do we encourage them to share only the stories that are theirs – not their friends who may not want their story told, or their non-friends who they have no right to tell stories about, real or made up? And how do we share our stories without making ourselves victims or braggarts? Find your song and help your children sing theirs in a way that helps us all navigate our daily lives.

Ms. Ryan encourages everyone to find their creative voice and suggests sending a Palindrome (a word or phrase that reads the same forward or backwards) to join her followers. I’ll be one of those 24,672 (3) when I finish this note because she helped me think today about how important it is to set an example for our kids. So, Ms. Ryan, my headline is my palindrome as I ask to be included as one of your followers.

Here’s to singing your song! Feel free to share it here with us.

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