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Everloop – Tweens Social Networking

Everloop – Tweens Social Networking

We found a new site for tweens. Do your kids want to get into social networking and you’re trying to stave off the facebook route for as long as you can? Here is one option. This site is strictly for tweens. NO grown ups. Here is a snapshot of their strategy. Since I’m a grown up and couldn’t/shoudn’t sign up, I didn’t really get to play in the site, but it includes games, blogs, a place for parents and “loops” based on interests. Let’s face it, our kids want to be social online. Why not give them a safe place to do it! Check it out.


Everloop gives kids a place to connect, express themselves, and be creative.

Everloop’s innovative platform is designed with four layers of moderation to keep kids under 13 safe – it’s a loop of privacy around their communication online. Your children are free from anonymous intruders, and their personal information is secure and hidden.

Parents have control.parental control-everloop

Every kids’ Everloop account is associated with a parent, so you can have a “dashboard” view of your kids’ activities. Older children ready for email and chat? Switch it on. Not ready for younger children to form new friendships online? You can block it. (And we keep personal information like addresses and phone numbers impossible to enter, so you never have to worry about that for any of your kids.)