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Celebrities Join Campaign Against Cyberbullying

Celebrities Join Campaign Against Cyberbullying

This little picture is the Avatar I created for INOBTR. I shouldn’t have copied it (it is their intellectual property-I hope they’ll forgive me), but I wanted everyone to see how fun this site is. Even though this site is from the UK, it is brought to you by and it is a great idea and a fun way to engage your kids in the idea that Cyberbullying is not okay. I learned about the site and The Big March in 2012 from an article from the Huffington Post. Check out the article or go directly to the site at,

The organizers are creating a virtual march in 2012 to encourage the United Nations to add Cyberbullying to the issues children should not be forced to endure. When you go to the site, you create an avatar and sign the petition. You can change your avatars look, there are games to play and lots of innocent fun. The Big March 2012 will be held on 31st January 2012, when the avatars will hold placards and march in a line across the sites who sponsor and support the event.

At the end of the march, the avatars will assemble in Big March Park on the Beatbullying Big March website, where the petition will be delivered to a virtual UN building.

Emma-Jane Cross, CEO of Beatbullying, said: “Violence amongst young people across the world is at epidemic levels.  We have a child protection crisis on our hands, and we have a duty as global citizens to unite and insist that world leaders, politicians, communities and families stand up and take action.

Check it out with your kids!