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I’m OK – Parents try a new App

I’m OK – Parents try a new App

Trying to stay current on what is going on -online – is an everyday job. Some of the ways we do it is to follow some people on Twitter, “friend” others on YouTube,  sign up for alerts, follow blogs and weekly e-newsletters and keep talking and sharing with one another.

One of my favorite blogs is Around the Web in Seven Days – by my friend Tony Jordan. Tony and I go way back in the music business, so his blog highlights a lot of Music with tech related information – pretty hip and teens would like it. I like his blog because it’s once a week, short and often very fun.  But he also is a father and helps keep me up to date on new things digital.  One of his recent blogs talked about a new App that sounds pretty cool. It is still in Beta testing – but if you’re a parent and want to “test drive” it – go to their website and let us know how it works out. We’re always looking for parents who are actively using technology to help the rest of us stay in the know!

The app rewards kids for checking in and you know they’re telling the truth because their phone’s GPS verifies their location. The whole family can use it and you can all stay better connected. It sounds like a great app. Let us know if you try it out!