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7 Online Gaming Tips

7 Online Gaming Tips

Last week we shared tips about getting ready for summer and your kids with their technology. One thing I left out were tips about online gaming – big mistake! Online gaming ranks at the top of what our kids do online, especially with free time on their hands. Luckily this morning I read a blog by “Chief Technology Mommy” – she had great advice on discussing online gaming with your kids. These tips are effective with younger children – check it out.

If you have older teens, the discussion may need to be more serious, do you really know all you need to know about gaming? Here are some things to discuss:

  1. How many hours a day is appropriate?
  2. Does the game become more important than time with your REAL friends?
  3. Is the game giving you an unrealistic viewpoint about violence, especially toward women?
  4. Do you see yourself actually wanting to act like the characters in the games?
  5. Do you “chat” regualarly with complete strangers?
  6. Does the conversation stay game centric? And is it “talking smack”? or Vulgar?
  7. Do you have a healthy respect for the difference between real life and gaming?

There is also the discussion to have in regards to play-time. Playing games for longer periods can be damaging to your child’s growth. I recently experienced this when my son downloaded League of Legends and began a process of what he called “grinding” – to grow his account. This eventually consumed all of his time. I took a motherly approach, and instead opted to buy him league of legends accounts that would let him skip the “grinding” process and just focus on enjoying the game. It’s so easy to buy lol smurfs , and it is most definitely worthwhile.

Gaming is a great way to learn confidence in your abilities, to practice making judgement calls and to fine tune your computer skills. However, it is important that your kids keep a healthy check on how much time is devoted to gaming balanced by real life interaction.