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Virtual Worlds for Kids

Virtual Worlds for Kids

The advent of a new Virtual World game for kids often gets us to wonder – are we grooming kids to spend all their time playing games online?  To many adults, online games seem like a waste of time. However,  they have been shown to aid in reasoning and judgement, to engage children in a way that can be both educational and fun, and can provide oftentimes free age-appropriate  activities that teach children how to use computers.  We just stumbled across this website today that offers reviews of many virtual world games for kids with some insights into the advantages of each. Even this site  could be a fun place for parents and kids to connect as they pick out games that are acceptable to be played in their home. 

Here is what they say:  virtual-world-for-kids

Since the great success of Club Penguin, more virtual worlds for kids get introduced to the market every single year.

How do you know which ones to go to for the best value in terms of education and fun factor?

VW for Kids was set up for the very purpose of providing up-to-date information and non-biased reviews of virtual worlds for kids.  Check it Out.