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Yoursphere – A Social Network Just for Kids

Yoursphere – A Social Network Just for Kids

No one over 18 allowed! Concerned about your children using facebook, MySpace, or the myriad of social networking sites out there? One mother took it upon herself to create a social networking site that is aimed at kids, for kids and kids alone.  Have your kids check it out – there are games, videos, and contests – all monitored by a team of security experts.

Check out the spheres: create, connect and share!         

A sphere is a group where friends with like-minded interests like sports, music, fashion, gaming, academics, performing arts and more, interact. Yoursphere members can join any sphere, and can create their own – about anything they wish, and invite their friends. spheres

Members can get a feel for what’s inside all the spheres by checking out their home pages. Here you can see what’s going on, what’s new, who has joined, what the latest posts are.