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Club Penguin: A Great Place to Meet New Friends

Club Penguin is a great game for everyone! You can buy and sell things. You can get coins. You can make friends and talk with them. You can participate in activities parties and even games! In Club Penguin you can do many things! Although you can get hurt or shunned everything is great in club penguin. I play and have for about two years. What I like about it most is that you can dress up you penguin (you can buy things if you are a member, but also get free things when special parties or events are going on)and you can decorate your igloo. (members only) You can even decorate your igloo and open it to the public (members only)and have a party! You can also have little pets called puffles with all different colors! Club Penguin is great for all ages! Even my 17 year old brother likes along with my mom! You can have alot of fun in Club Penguin! You should join!