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10 Steps to Safer Holiday

10 Steps to Safer Holiday

Is it 2012 yet??? If you’re like me you are all caught up in the holiday rush, shopping, baking, wrapping, and hoping it’s all done on time. So I put together 10 Steps that might help you have a Safer (Saner?) Holiday.

  1. If you’re buying the “latest” technology for yourself or someone else, be sure you know what to do to make it secure (i.e. parental controls for youngsters, insurance for teens, and anti-virus for everyone). Taking the computer on the road this holiday?
  2. Don’t feel intimidated by new technology – let someone show you. If it’s an employee – that’s what they get paid to do. If it’s your kids – they’ll think its fun to show mom and dad (or grandma) how to use something – plus those are good moments to talk about safe practices.
  3. If you’re buying computer games, gaming systems, movies or software, be sure they are age-appropriate and think about agreements you might want to make about their use. (i.e. how long at one sitting, can you use the headset and “friend” strangers, and home rules apply no matter where you play or view).
  4. Find time for yourself and your family to unwind and just be together.
  5. Buy all gifts, but especially technology, from reputable sources. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  6. Work with your family to update your privacy settings on social networking sites. Tips for Facebook.
  7. Be sure if you use your credit card online that the site is encrypted and how their privacy policy applies to the storage and use of your personal information. More Hints on Online Shopping.
  8. Don’t fall prey to unsolicited deals that magically pop up on your screen and seem to be “exactly what you’ve been looking for”!
  9. Enjoy the season and your family and friends – they are the best gifts you’ll ever get.
  10. And if you have a dollar or two left over, please donate to INOBTR because you want to
    help keep kids safe!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday from all of us at

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