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c|net – You made me look smart again!

c|net – You made me look smart again!

Trying to keep up on the latest technology in order to keep kids safe is a full time job. Since we’re a small non-profit, I don’t have all day to just browse the Internet and read about every app, website or gadget that I need to know about. I have a handful of “go-to” sites that keep me up-to-date, sift through the myriad of new trends and offer amazing “how-to” recommendations not only on how to use new technology but how to be safe and secure doing so.

c|net is one of those sites. I subscribe to their newsletters, link back to their site, use their how-to step-by-steps in parent handouts (giving them full credit) and overall let them make me look smart.

Just today I read and downloaded articles on how to pep up my lagging iPhone, a new social media site called Path and how to add photo tags with Instagram’s new Photos of You feature. Instagram is widely popular with kids and teens and has led to some big problems. There is a false assumption that marking your photos “private” keeps them from being shared, copied or searchable. Comments and hash tags defeat your privacy settings.  The article even goes in depth about protecting your photos while using the new feature (a must read for parents and kids who use Instagram). Not bad for a rainy Friday morning.

While we avoid all out advertising, please let me recommend this site as a great resource for parents trying to navigate the tech world – let them make you look smart too! From their website:

 Our mission is simple:

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    Badstraikerz Says:
    May 19th, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    the wake of much user dissent in redargs to Instagram’s privacy policy and terms of service, of which we informed you earlier this week, the company did an about-face fairly quickly. Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s


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