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Helpful Ideas from a Reader

Helpful Ideas from a Reader

Every once in a while I receive a letter from a reader or subscriber who wants to share some resources they’ve found useful. This is one such entry. Sarah, who is a a Library Assistant was helping a member of their library. They were searching for resources about online shopping, using a credit online and general Internet Safety. They found our website and some other resources too. Some of the topics you can find on their resource are:

Know Your Merchant

Familiarize yourself with the name and reputation of any online business before making a purchase. If you’ve never dealt with a company before, search for Internet news sources, rating services, or directories to learn more. Even a simple online search could reveal information about the company, its policies, or specific customer experiences.

The Better Business Bureau: Use the search feature to read reviews, based on customer experiences with a business or charity. Search by business name, type of business or website address.

Be a Cautious Consumer: This 2009 Consumer Reports article mentions being cautious about online merchants.

Tips for Finding Out if a Website is Secure: This information shows consumers how to figure out whether a website is secure, along with other tips for online shoppers.

Protect Your Privacy

It’s worth taking a look at the privacy policy posted on a company’s website. How much of your information are they collecting? Do they plan to sell or share it with others? You should be comfortable with providing information about yourself and the way the information will be used before continuing with your purchase. TRUSTe and BBBOnLine icons on a website demonstrate a company’s commitment to these privacy enforcement organizations. Cautious consumers think twice before providing any personal information, including a social security number, that is unnecessary to the purchase.

Cyber Security Tips for Shopping Safely Online: The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team provides information on how consumers can protect their bank accounts and their privacy.

Keep Your Private Information to Yourself: This list of tips includes being anonymous online, being aware of cookies, and who could be watching the emails you are sending.

Website Privacy: TRUSTe put together information about how to control the amount of privacy you have on websites and with online merchants. It also explains the public and private distinction when it comes to information sharing.

This terrific list is written by Eric S. on the Coupons by website. Just a warning, there is a fair amount of advertising and clicking on those ads could lead to spam email. So, check the list carefully before you click on any links. I tested several of them and they seemed to be secure and there really is a lot of useful information about online safety. Just know that the website itself is driven by couponing. With that in mind check out the site for more information on topics like: how to spot un unsafe URL, protecting your password and so much more.  Click Here.

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