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What’s Your Story – Winners

What’s Your Story – Winners

Some time ago we highlighted a video contest brought to you by Trend Micro and Facebook¬† – among others. A lot of great organizations like Childnet International, iKeepSafe, WEBWISEKIDS¬† and Common Sense Media were also sponsors and judges. Well the winning entries have been chosen and there are some great videos here. Parent’s – watch them with your kids, Teachers – use them in your classroom and Kids – Check ’em out!

Fun stuff, talented kids, good messages – Winning!


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    I really wish as a parent that this was geared towards older teens as well. =-( It’s a great job with the younger ones.. =-) I have 4 boys ..3 14-17… It is just incredible how much goes on through FAcebook , etc… bashing, bulling etc.. My 16 yr old gets it all the time. He plays football, volleyball, track, etc… he still gets it on the social Networking sights from kids that don’t even go to his school .. they just know other kids in the area from his school. rumors started when we first moved here by just a small few and that was all it took. it’s so sad. i had to actually get on and say something to a girl that was really using language that was not right. She is a smart girl good grades and etc. but since there is no parent or adult monitoring any of this on her side… well. it’s were the problem is… The children of today use this to get to others because they are the few sources that can be used to hurt others easily.. no parent or adult supervision like at home or school. All I had to do was say that I knew her parents and was going to talk to them and she said a few mean and nasty things to me afterwards. but she did stop. All my son wanted was to make friends when we moved here. He asks to move back to our old house every day. i will also add that since we have moved her 3.5 yrs ago.. nothing has changed. he is nice and quiet, but kids don’t like that .. nope. u have to b rude and loud and all that before they will like u. It’s really scary too that I see, as a parent, that these kids .. many are the ones that act so different by their parents and act another way with friends or at school. It’s a major problem. Many parentshave no clue or just prefer not to get involved. They kids need their privacy and space. true.. but they are all way too immature under the age of 18.. to even not be monitored. i have a rule no facebook, cell phone, messaging, etc… if we are not on the friends list or able to look at what your writing, texting etc at any time then you don’t get it. What would you not want me to look at, what would you want to be hiding… Now I don’t look etc unless I find a reason to. Like I notice something is going on. This is how I found out about this girl and the other kids saying these awful things.. Loser, you suck at everything, you must be a creep, etc.. They even play a game .. One girl will act like they like u and then the whole group will be there while they text you etc… then they carry on like this for days, weeks, etc.. a big joke.. Well you get the pic. it just isn’t right. I’m getting so sick of it as a parent and at the fact that parents let their kids do this is just wrong too. it’s a form of bullying. They think its’ funny and they just don’t care who they hurt. Same ones too at school that work in the help programs for kids that are going through this too. =-( I know a few. You tell the school they brush you off and think it’s your kid with the problem.. Maybe you should put him into counsiling and maybe he shouldn’t be so quiet.. Well he is who he is… He’s 16 i can’t and don’t want to change his good personality. just to make others happy. One kid told him on facebook that just because he has some cool things doesn’t and won’t ever make him popular or make other kids like him any more than they do.. Then lots of kids laughed and thought it was funny. etc.. one girl said syber bully.. then laughed. but another told her to take that comment off cause someone will see it … all he posted was a pic of his Christmas gift.. I will add the my son is athletic, nice and quiet and funny. he was also very popular at his old school before we moved here they were begging him to come back to play ffotball on the team. They had a cake and a going away party. No he didn’t grow up there.. we lived there 4 yrs only. So … It must be our location or something. Sorry but thought you or someone could relate to my son’s story. maybe if we can get something out there it might help to ease everything for others as well. There is always hope… Wish as a parent I could do more for my kids, but sometimes going to the schools now give the kids a since of no hope .. they seem to be saying sorry your child is being bullied maybe he should change so this doen’t happen, the kids kid ding the bullying isn’t all that bad and he just may have issues at home or someplace that are bothering him/her.. Maybe you should get help … see a doc.. But never does the bully get into trouble without both parties getting into trouble or talked to. The kids being bullyed do not want to be talked to they just want the kids doing the bullying to stop and leave them alone and to get into trouble for it.. if they would actually get into trouble etc.. maybe they would stop. I just don’t know any more. maybe our society is already past the help stage.. =-(

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    I deleted your email so that no one could send you anything mean. I am so sorry to hear about what your son is going through. He sounds like an amazing kid and one that anyone would want to be friends with! So often the most insecure kids are the ones doing the bullying. They might be threatened by someone new who might actually be their best friend if they’d give him a chance. Tell him to hang in there and hopefully things will get better. I do agree with you that parents need to know what their kids are doing and saying online. Most parents ask me “how do i protect my child from bullies”, but very few ask me how to “stop my kid from being a bully”. And as responsible adults we need to be just as concerned about making sure our kids aren’t the bullies! I hope things get better for you guys soon. Tell your son we believe in him and know that he is in the right, don’t look for revenge and just try to remember that a few “jerks” don’t represent the whole school (world) and there are other kids like him wishing someone would step up and make the bullies realize they are the ones who are wrong. It does get better – especially if you ignore them. When you ignore bullies, you take away their power and then they’re reduced to people who no one cares about! Try it!!! And we’re always here for you!


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