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Will the world end tomorrow? Will we fall off the fiscal cliff?

Will the world end tomorrow? Will we fall off the fiscal cliff?

If our newsmakers, politicians and some Mayans haven’t scared you yet about the end of the year, let’s take a minute and reflect on what was good about 2012. (editor’s note – this newsletter was written before the unspeakable happened in Newtown, CT and our hearts and thoughts are with that entire community as they deal with the devestating loss of those sweet children and dedicated teachers).

Regardless of your political views – the voting is over! Windows 8, the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 were introduced while facebook went public. Tom & Katie split up but Kristin and Rob are back together and the Royals are expecting. The NHL Lockout is bad, but the Olympics were spectacular. There were tragedies like Super Storm Sandy, but the Entertainment world came together on 12.12.12 to help those who are still struggling. And if you’re into numerology, this year had it in spades – most people went back to work on 1.2.12 and 10.11.12 was named the International Day of the Girl by the United Nations to further advocacy for the safety of girls around the world. And whatever you’re doing in preparation for the holidays and the New Year – you might be doing it Gangnam Style!

For INOBTR it meant the culmination of two years of work on some amazing projects funded through a cooperative agreement with the U. S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. This awareness and education campaign helped bring to light the issues of Youth in Crisis/Homeless Teens, Child Sexual Abuse in a bilingual community, Cell Phone Safety for children 8+, the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children, Child Abuse and Neglect in a SE Asian Community, and Teen Dating Violence. We worked with great non-profits who are providing much needed services to the children of their communities. To see stories on each of these programs, go to: .

We sponsored the 9th Annual Child Safety Day in the Loop and teamed with members of the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, U.S. Attorney’s Office, U. S. Secret Service, Homeland Security Investigations, Family Resource Center and Children’s Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis to host Child Safety Night at Busch Stadium. We were part of classrooms and assemblies, back-to-school events and conferences speaking about Internet and Child Safety; reaching over 15,000 parents and children in the St. Louis area alone. Our website reach doubled in number of visitors (ave. 7000 per month) and number of hits (over 13,400 per month) THANK YOU!!!

And most exciting to us is the advent of the radKIDS program being part of our future. Through the generosity and constant support of Emerson, INOBTR will be introducing the nation’s leading child safety program to the area. This self empowerment safety education program builds a child’s self esteem and self worth as they practice making safe decisions about home, school, Internet and social safety. radKIDS doesn’t tell a child about safety, it teaches them to practice it in an activity based learning environment of trust and support. Read more about radKIDS   or

But back to the doomsday reports – if we truly are falling off that Fiscal Cliff – now is the time to make those charitable contributions while you can still claim the full deduction. We don’t believe that the Mayans are correct and know that on December 22nd we’re still going to need your support to finish out this year and prepare for the excitement 2013 promises. We have big plans for INOBTR and the radKIDS program – here are just some ways we could use your donations:

  • $5000 = Family Resource Manuals and Activity Books for 500 Children
  • $2250 = Equipment for a radKIDS Instructor team
  • $1500 = 60 children receiving 15 hours of radKIDS instruction and activity
  • $950   = Sponsorship of 2 Back-to-school events
  • $500   = One new radKIDS certified instructor
  • $250   = INOBTR website sponsorship for one year
  • $150   = Supplies for radKIDS instructor for one month
  • $50     = Re-certification for a radKIDS instructor (recertified yearly)


Any amount is appreciated to help keep our kids safe, please consider a year-end donation. Thank You!


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