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10 Ways to Observe Internet Safety Month

10 Ways to Observe Internet Safety Month

The way we take our technology every where we go and on smaller and smaller devices makes it all that more important to observe Internet Safety Month. it’s June, the kids are out of school with more time on their hands, we’re traveling and taking our technology with us, and using it in “Free Wi-Fi” spots. Let’s look at 10 ways that we could observe Internet Safety Month.

1. Clean up your social media accounts – forgot about that Facebook page you started when you were 10? did you try MySpace?  Do some quick inventory and then delete or deactivate accounts you no longer use. Delete them with advice from Delete Your Account

2. Change/Update your passwords and then don’t share them with anyone (except you younger kids – it’s okay to share with mom and dad!).

3. Look at your friends, followers, etc. – did you say yes to some people who aren’t really your friends or who you thought they were, time to clean up the list.

4. Delete old unused email accounts – really how many gmail and hotmail accounts do you need?

5. Check out your photos stored on your social media accounts – delete those questionable or unflattering pictures of you or your friends.

6. Sharpening those gaming skills with all your extra time? – that’s great but balance your time with other activities!

7. Buying new technology or software before school starts? Take a look at those privacy policies, understand what they say and what you know others do to “get around” those policies and tighten yours. Learn how to use the technology correctly for your own safety and that of your friends and family.

8. While you’re cleaning up, take time to back up what you have. Now that your pictures are the ones you want to keep, be sure to put them in a secure place!

9. Adopt a new (better) way to treat people online. Read this great story about what one Valedictorian did for his class.

10. Go outside, Enjoy Real Life, with Real People, in the Real World – the technology will still be there when you get back!