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It’s Our Anniversary!      March 2011

It’s Our Anniversary! March 2011

We’re 4 years old this month. And in that time we’ve been lucky to work with some incredible people and learn from them. We don’t profess to be THE EXPERTS on Internet safety, but we work every day with people who are.  And, we want to share what we learn so you can keep the ones you love safe. In that vein we’re adding a weekly column: “what we found out this week”.

 Look for it in your inbox, forward it to a friend, Retweet it on Twitter or “like” it on facebook, let’s share our knowledge.

Smart phones include GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. I love being in one of my favorite restaurants and using my phone to post “I’m having the Pasta Carbonara at Cunetto’s”. Immediately my facebook friends are jealous or pipe in about their favorite dish. When I’m traveling and looking for an Italian restaurant near my hotel. I activate “Around Me” or “Yelp”, my phone “reads” my location and then gives me options. Great technology, but when I’m with my godson in that restaurant and take his picture with my phone, GPS is tagging his picture with our location. When I post that picture through social media, the location of that picture can now be determined by people with the right know-how.  Now, I’m pretty sure no one is storming the restaurant to abduct my godson, but think of all the pictures we take at home, at school, etc. It’s an easy thing to remedy without turning off the GPS capabilities of your phone. Here are the directions for the iPhone (assuming other Smartphones are similar):

Open “Settings” – choose “General” – tap “Location Services” find “Camera” and click it OFF     = Done!

That was easy, but it also reminds us that however cool each new piece of technology is – we should know what we’re doing with it. Check the settings, think about the ramifications and if you’re posting pictures through social media, be sure you’ve marked your photos for Friends only, not friends of friends, or God forbid, “everyone”.

It just takes a minute to be safe, and that’s what I found out this week.