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What I Found Out This Week   3.18.11

What I Found Out This Week 3.18.11

We often think identity theft is something that happens to old, careless, clueless people. Let’s face it, in some ways  we all are careless and clueless…here are just a few things I found out this week to safeguard your identity

Don’t put the flag up on your mailbox to indicate to the postal worker that there is mail inside. That is a clear signal that perhaps you’re paying bills and there are signed checks (with your banking information) and account numbers of credit cards, loans, etc. included.  

Don’t respond to unsolicited emails from the IRS – trust me, they know your social security number, it’s a scam. (The same holds true for any unsolicited email from your bank, Paypal, eBay, your credit card company – none of these trusted sites are going to email you and suggest you update information through a link.) Use only the site where you normally log on, never link from an unsolicited email.

When someone asks you to use the last 4 digits of your social security number as your log on – say no. If it is an account you have signed up with and you have initiated the call, it is okay for verification. Never use it as your password or give it to someone who calls you. The last 4 digits are the key to who you are. The other numbers refer to your geographical location and such – a clever thief could figure those out.

Quick easy things to remember – but that’s what I found out this week to keep you safe.