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May Teen Tips

May Teen Tips

Picked out the school of your dreams? Looking for a summer job? Are your scholarships in the bank? Just graduating and trying to get a jump on your first “real job”. Do you have a profile online?  If so, how are these connected?


Ø      We spoke to one mother who asks potential baby-sitters to show their social networking site before she’ll hire them.

Ø      According to – 22% of hiring managers said they use social networking sites to research job candidates, up from 11% in 2006. An additional 9% don’t currently use the sites, but plan to start.

Ø      According to a 2008 Kaplan study, 1 in 10 college admissions officers regularly check out college applicant’s profiles

Ø      Business & Medical schools admissions officers surf sites in even greater numbers

Ø      Some parents are checking out sites for their college bound teens and asking for new roommate assignments.


Is it time to forget Facebook, say so long to Hi5 or move off MySpace? NO!


But it is time to protect your profile, no matter which sites you’re on. Here’s how:

8                   Check your privacy settings – are all of those “friends” really someone you want to share everything with? Use groups, limit who can see what. Some privacy settings have changed, check them out and use them – that’s why they’re there. (Check them out often – they change)

8                   Sort through your pictures and content. Maybe you’ve forgotten that your friend tagged you in a photo that doesn’t show your best look. Move those pictures to your computer and be sure what you say and how you look is who you want to be online. Remember that a funny picture out of context may send the wrong message.

8                   All of those gifts, bumper stickers, shout outs and apps may be fun, but do you really want someone thinking you fancy yourself as Marilyn Monroe in another life or that you have nothing better to do than have a virtual snowball fight? Be sure you monitor comments and shout outs that could pop up at the wrong time. Read and delete.

8                   Consider joining a professional networking site like LinkedIn, Spoke or Plaxo. These social networking sites are much more about the business of business. Plus, it never hurts to get your name out there in a good way and use the Internet to your advantage.

8                   And remember, once you put it online it can be forwarded, altered and saved forever – be sure it’s something that can stand that test. Enjoy social networking sites – they’re a great place to hang out – but be sure you know the real world implications of what you post, how you say it and how it looks. 

  I would say see you on Facebook, but my page is set to private…